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BREAST CANCER : Self diagnosis and care

JAN28-1(3) Date : 1/28/2019
Author : Dr. Tapan Kumar Malla (MBBS, MS General Surgery)
Publisher : Heartmate
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Volume No : 1 Issue No : 3
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         Breast cancer constitute the most common malignancy in females almost 10% of all cancers newly diagnosed every year in India.

Breast carcinoma is considered as one of the best studied cancer  that affect the mankind. It is quite natural that the disease of the breast and surgery on it should evoke a fear of mutilation and lose of femininity because breast has always been a symbol of womanhood and ultimate fertility.
Breast cancer
Specially in India 70% of female population are illiterate. Cosmetic consideration,ignorance regarding the breast tumor,fear of losing femininity and fear of local society have hindered it"s early diagnosis.
In this modern era also rural and illiterate women fear to express her minute problems related to breast before her husband so also did not express details before a doctor.
Simultaneously out of shyness do not let a doctor to examine the breast properly.
So here I just want to highlight some points so that a common woman can examine her breast herself possibly after menstrual period and if suspects then consult a doctor at an earliest possible time, in early stage of the disease so that she might not have to loose her whole breast.
Salient points-:
  1. Do self examination of own breast at least once in a month while taking bath possibly after menstrual cycle.
  2. Search for any hard mass or swelling in any part of breast.
  3. Any abnormal discharge from nipple.
  4. Any changes in skin colour,contour.structure of breast.
  5. Look for any swelling in axilla.
  6. Abnormal change in size and condition of nipple of breast.
  7. Sudden decrease of appetite. loss of body weight over a short period of time.
  8. Chronic cough and chest pain.
  9. Be much aware if any family member has suffered from breast cancer  in generation.
Whenever you do suspect such findings consult your local doctor immediately do not wait for a female doctor or obstetrics & gynecology doctor.
In rural India maximum women want to be examined by a female doctor only which ultimately delays the examination and early diagnosis.
In todays modern era medical science has so much advanced that if a breast cancer has been diagnosed at an early stage then patient will not loose her breast and live the life happily without any serious complication.
A multimodality of treatments  comprising of surgery,chemotherapy,radiotherapy 
are available which will completely cure the disese.
So early diagnosis at an early stage should be the goal to have a proper treatment for the dreadeful disease BREAST CANCER.
Dr Tapan Kumar Malla 
MBBS, MS General Surgery

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